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This year we have had our share of (non-Covid related) challenges, let alone the additional challenges Covid has put on us all; between contracting Covid ourselves, having to deal with 2 break-ins and one attempted; along with the loss of a sister to cancer, etc.; 2021 is a “year for the books”.  However, when we think about Terry and what he managed in his short life let alone with his health issues, it puts everything into perspective again.  This year’s quote inspires me/us to see beyond life’s adversities and “try like Terry”.   Although the actual “formal” run again is not taking place, a “virtual – One way - Your way” (walk, bike, run, hike, wheel, ride, skate, etc.), for cancer research is.  It’s hard to believe but this year marks the 41st Terry Fox Run. 

 As many of you are now familiar, my participation in the annual Wallaceburg Terry Fox Run has become the highlight of my year.  This year marks the 41st anniversary of the Terry Fox Run; it will mark my 26th year of participating in the Event, and our (Moira and myself) 5th year of coordinating the event for Wallaceburg.  The Terry Fox Run raises money to help fight cancer and to raise awareness for cancer in communities.  Wallaceburg’s Terry Fox Run is (usually) a community event run by wonderful volunteers and attended by many dedicated participants.  Not only does it raise money for research but it also continues to share the story of Terry Fox.

Terry was not interested in fame and glory when he embarked on his Marathon of Hope in 1980.  His sole purpose was to raise money to find a cure for cancer.  The most effective way that we could honour Terry’s memory is to continue to organize, participate and donate to Terry Fox fundraising events. 

So, in saying this, I am again requesting your generous support as I venture into my 26th year of the Run.

I recognize this again has been a particularly challenging year from the ongoing effects of Covid 19.   I also realize everyone gets inundated with requests from many admirable charities; as well, I appreciate you may have already sponsored someone for the Virtual Run; however, if you have not and would like to donate to the Terry Fox Run, I would be grateful if you would consider directing your support towards my individual Fundraising efforts. 

Donations can be made at New Vision Optical Centre OR by logging onto the Terry Fox Foundation website and going under my individual sponsor page and use a credit card/PayPal.  If you have any issues with this site - please contact me and I will assist!

Thank you in advance for your consideration – I appreciate your support!


“It's got to keep going without me”.....Terry Fox

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Arun Channan donated $101.00
Sep 22, 2021 2:29 PM
The Alderson's donated an undisclosed amount
Sep 22, 2021 12:04 PM
Anonymous donated an undisclosed amount
Sep 22, 2021 8:49 AM
Lisa & Will Findlater donated $100.00
Sep 20, 2021 5:55 PM
Brian Moore donated $25.00
Sep 20, 2021 10:57 AM
Jeff and Shannan donated $100.00
Sep 19, 2021 9:38 PM
Jeff and Shannan Worotny left a message
Sep 19, 2021 9:34 PM
Keep up the good work Brad (and Moira)!
Tom left a message
Sep 19, 2021 11:36 AM
Keep Going!
Tom & Leanne Flanagan donated an undisclosed amount
Sep 19, 2021 11:36 AM
SIonaid donated an undisclosed amount
Sep 19, 2021 10:23 AM
Steve left a message
Sep 19, 2021 8:47 AM
We appreciate all you do Brad
Steve Floin donated $80.00
Sep 19, 2021 8:45 AM
Trish and Grady O'Flynn donated $100.00
Sep 19, 2021 8:24 AM
Trish and Grady O'Flynn left a message
Sep 19, 2021 8:20 AM
Thanks Brad and Moira for all you are doing for Terry and for all of us.
Scott and Sandra Zavitz donated $100.00
Sep 18, 2021 4:57 PM
Anonymous donated $100.00
Sep 16, 2021 7:12 PM
The Wiegersmas donated an undisclosed amount
Sep 15, 2021 9:38 PM
Cidalia Wilson donated $50.00
Sep 14, 2021 7:34 PM
Bryan Cowden donated $50.00
Sep 14, 2021 7:10 PM
Anonymous donated $200.00
Sep 8, 2021 8:49 PM
Lorrie Handsor donated $100.00
Sep 8, 2021 3:59 PM
Lorrie Handsor left a message
Sep 8, 2021 3:57 PM
Thanks for all you do for this foundation !
Betty Tack donated $100.00
Sep 2, 2021 4:50 PM
Your friends at Homeward Realty donated $250.00
Sep 2, 2021 4:47 PM
Homeward Realty left a message
Sep 2, 2021 4:44 PM
Brad & Moira...Thank you for your continued support of the Terry Fox Foundation.
Tom and Carmen McGregor donated $100.00
Sep 2, 2021 9:51 AM
Kim and Dan MacLachlan left a message
Sep 1, 2021 5:26 PM
Brad and Moira, We are so proud of the work that you do for the Terry Fox Foundation. Wishing you all the best with this year's run!
Kim and Dan MacLachlan donated $100.00
Sep 1, 2021 5:22 PM
Rick & Catherine donated an undisclosed amount
Aug 30, 2021 12:56 PM
Liz & Brian donated an undisclosed amount
Aug 28, 2021 9:28 AM
Peter Gould left a message
Aug 28, 2021 8:44 AM
There can be no better word for the world, and this past year for yourselves, than Challenge. Thank you Brad and Moira for once again supporting Terry's mission. That moment in London at Victoria Park when he "trotted" past me will be etched on my heart forever. It was a phenomenon that Terry had no idea would emerge from his efforts, but he found it in himself to rise to the Challenge, to become something larger than himself, that would prove to support and save thousands of lives.
Peter Gould donated an undisclosed amount
Aug 28, 2021 12:00 AM
Kyle Charlton left a message
Aug 27, 2021 8:55 AM
Thank you Brad for keeping this tradition going through these crazy times.
Clock Tower Dental Centre donated an undisclosed amount
Aug 27, 2021 8:49 AM
Sherry Thomas donated $100.00
Aug 26, 2021 11:15 PM
Mark & Laurie Badder donated an undisclosed amount
Aug 26, 2021 9:11 PM
Myron & Dawn donated $100.00
Aug 26, 2021 6:17 PM
Jan Warner Moore donated an undisclosed amount
Aug 26, 2021 4:00 PM
Anonymous donated $25.00
Aug 26, 2021 3:36 PM
Patrick donated $100.00
Aug 26, 2021 3:19 PM
Auntie Marg donated $100.00
Aug 26, 2021 3:17 PM
Dave and Vicky donated $100.00
Aug 26, 2021 1:43 PM
Deb Foulon donated $50.00
Aug 26, 2021 12:48 PM
Debbie Foulon left a message
Aug 26, 2021 12:46 PM
Terry continues to inspire people.
Ernie & Sharon Kormendi donated $50.00
Aug 26, 2021 12:45 PM
Judy Pierce donated $50.00
Aug 26, 2021 12:16 PM
Judy Bachus donated $50.00
Aug 26, 2021 10:33 AM
Bradley Eggett donated $50.00
Aug 24, 2021 4:30 PM

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