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My name is Cai. I've had cancer for as long as I can remember. I was diagnosed at 11 months old. My cancer is in my neck, inside my spinal cord, right at the top.

I had spinal cord surgery at 15 months old. Then I had to learn how to move and walk all over again. My right leg isn't as strong as my left leg. And my right hand isn't as strong as my left hand. But that doesn't slow me down! I love swimming and playing with Sam, my dog. I like to play mini rugby and ride my scooter.

But that big surgery didn't get rid of the cancer. A bit was hiding somewhere. Because the cancer came back, I have to travel across Canada for lots of tests and special medicines. I have chemotherapy twice a day, every day. And I have to fast six hours every day. It's hard, but these are brand new medicines from researchm and they are working! They are stopping my tumour from growing!

Then my dad had cancer, too. But the doctors got it out of him. It was hard. We had to move away so we could have help from our family. But he is doing good now.

Terry Fox was a hero, and he had cancer - just like me! Terry Fox had a limp when he ran, and I do, too. And he did that long, long run. He tried to run across Canada. To everyone who comes out to the Terry Fox run: Good job! You can fight cancer. You can do it!

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